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Nowadays a lot of Brands are emerging to the society, along with the varieties of products, from tech, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), F&B (Food & Beverage), Health, Beauty, and many more. People usually choose which Brand that suits them and most of them would prefer the quality of product or the price. The main question arises from your mind is “How Do Brands Win Their Prospect Customers’ Heart Among These Competitors?”.

Influencer Marketing is one of the rising up strategies used by Brands to reach their audience. Based on a benchmark report by Influencer Marketing Hub in 2019, 83%…

Trends are ever-changing and so are influencers. The popularity of Nano-influencers is rising but most Brands are still concerned and they have this view of spending more on Macro and Mega influencers will obtain them better results as they have numerous followers. However, Brands should also realize that effectiveness differs according to how many of their followers are real, active on social media, and how close they are with their followers. Nano-Influencers is known as everyday consumers who have a higher chance to be trusted by their followers when they recommend a product they love due to their small community…

Today, our application has more than 350,000 downloads, most of them dominated by women users in 68%, followed by men users in 32%. We called them as Partiposters and they are ready to connect with Brands and spread awareness to their circle.

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Our Partiposters have spread across Indonesia from Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, etc. The majority of them are come from Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok,Tangerang & Bekasi) area.

Despite this year’s challenges with Covid-19, Partipost wrapped 2020 up with a number of campaigns and succeeded in delivering KPIs from Brands. These are our commitments to focus on the quality of service and performance. Check out these achievements we managed to kick off this year:

Reach 300,000+ Downloads on our Influencer Apps

We have reached approximately 350,000+ downloads in our application, this implies the number of our influencers have increased and they are all set to connect with Brands to commence a campaign. Currently, our downloads in iOS reached 124,318 and Google Play 246,076.

Partipost is a Crowd-Marketing Platform that allows Brands to connect with people in order to create word-of-mouth advertising through Social Media. This platform was created to simplify Brand process on commencing Influencer campaigns in one platform with easy access. So what kind of advantages do Brands get in this platform?

Create Your Brief

Brands are able to create their own campaign brief, all include Select Social Media Channel, Set Influencer’s Requirement, Set Content Requirement, Set Hashtag Requirements, Set Caption Requirements, and any other detail related to the campaign.

Customize Your Budget

Brands are able to customize their own budget hence…

Most Brands commencing Influencers Campaign as their part of Marketing Planning, but there are some challenges to be encountered in managing Influencers within one campaign:

Finding Influencers to Participate

Brands have problems in finding Influencers who are willing to collaborate with them, they need to probe and search the Influencers carefully and choose them one by one.

Managing The Contracts or Deadlines of The Campaign

Sambal Sasa ran a creative photo competition, they invited everyone to take their photo along with any variants of Sambal Sasa products. The winner of the campaign has an opportunity to win a flight ticket to Korea and other weekly rewards. Sambal Sasa leverages the use of Social Media by utilizing Partipost Platform to get more exposure with nano-influencers

Sambal Sasa set a campaign brief for Instagram in the period of time in 2 months, the candidates must purchase Sambal Sasa products in any store partnered with their product, they are challenged to take a creative photo, they must put…

Campaigns with Everyday People

Based on our case study in conducting campaigns, Brands are more likely to execute an awareness campaign in order to increase product awareness to their audience. How Brand entrusts their product to the influencers? How can their message delivered to the audience be accepted? Will these Influencers be able to persuade their audience to purchase the product? The most important value for this case study is “TRUST”. Brands choose nano-influencers or what we at Partipost call it as everyday people to promote their products. These influencers have organic followers, segmented circle (families and friends), highest engagement…


Marketing Specialist, Partipost Indonesia

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